Modeling and simulation of radiation in modern urban spaces

Duration: 01.10.2023 - 30.09.2026

Funder: DFG

Editors in the field of building systems and building technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Hoffmann, Dr. Sarith Subramanian, Dr.-Ing. Katharina Boudier


Short Description

This research project, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), aims to develop a framework for modeling and simulation methods that can estimate an accurate radiative exchange in urban morphologies. This comprehensive approach will account for the incidence of short-wavelength rays, the exchange of long-wavelength rays, and the surface temperatures caused by both, while providing spatially-resolved knowledge. This is achieved by improving the current material, sky and radiation models and using a newly developed material database to represent surrounding surfaces with their angle dependent properties.

The temporally non-stationary thermal behavior of the environment is taken into account through the coupling with the building simulation. The outcome of the project will lead to an improved assessment of climate change, including a more detailed analysis of current and future heat loads on structures, plants, animals and humans. The newly gained knowledge will also identify potential heat stress scenarios for humans, enabling prevention of health problems and offering new strategies to reduce radiation-induced heat stress by modifying surface properties and adding shading to the urban environment.

The effects of shading transparent building envelopes are also analyzed to reduce energy consumption for cooling buildings. In addition, the potential of using solar energy for heating indoor spaces and hot water as well as for generating electricity through photovoltaics is also evaluated. The objectives to be achieved by the proposed research project will support climate change mitigation by providing a more detailed understanding of radiative exchange in urban environments and its impact on structures, living beings and people.

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