Building Physics

Efficient heat storage and energy generation system for thermal conditioning of buildings

The German government plans to achieve a nearly climate-neutral building stock by the middle of the century. In addition to heating a building efficiently, cooling is becoming increasingly important and new, sustainable solutions are needed. The planned project will research and develop a heat storage and energy generation system for buildings to ensure building heating and cooling in a climate-neutral way. The system will avoid overheating and store excess thermal energy for later use in a daily and seasonal cycle. In connection with panel heating and building component activation, it is thus possible to provide a climate-neutral energy supply for the heating/cooling system while maintaining a high level of thermal comfort in the buildings. The innovation of the project is that energy generation takes place in external "energy piles", so that complex building services can be avoided in the building itself.

Another special feature is that storage systems at different temperature levels are used for energy storage. For this purpose PCM material and Peltier elements will be used. The thermal energy is to be optimally used or stored by means of intelligent control and regulation technology, so that as little energy as possible is required from grid providers over the entire course of the year.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is being carried out in cooperation with the following companies: Innogration GmbH, Panco GmbH, CuroCon GmbH, Betonwerk Büchner GmbH & Co. KG

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