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Job profiles: engineering in construction, real estate and environment

In the territory between the opposing poles of a growing humanity and its demands for functionality, design, comfort and mobility, combined with an increasing ecological awareness in society, civil engineering has developed into a highly demanding and versatile field of work. Those who study civil engineering today have very good chances of finding an interesting job and professional success in the long term.

Today, people working in civil engineering have a broader range of expertise than ever before. As experienced generalists, they ensure that structures are realised in the interplay of the various trades in such a way that in the end everything stands on the surface as planned and functions energy-efficiently and safely over the entire life cycle. Civil engineers also develop water and transport infrastructure that conserves resources and is environmentally friendly.

A professional foothold can be gained almost anywhere: from large corporations to small planning offices, from the public sector to the insurance and real estate industries as well as in research, many doors are open to you - in the region or all over the world.

Project types in civil engineering:

  • Office and residential buildings
  • high-rise buildings
  • Industrial plants and halls
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Power plants, dams and wind power
  • Transport systems and facilities
  • Rainwater and wastewater treatment
  • Flood prevention
  • Near-natural watercourse development

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Engineering in Construction/Real Estate/Environment - Is it a good fit for me?

  • Do you want to be at the forefront of tackling the global challenges of our time?

  • Do you like to work on something that is tangible and benefits people?

  • Are you interested in science, planning, designing, building?

  • Are you creative and innovative, do you recognize connections and like to solve complex problems?

  • Do you want to analyse, calculate, model and thus actively shape the built environment?

  • Are you interested in mathematics or mechanics and do you have a good spatial sense?

If you can answer "yes" to the majority of these questions, take a closer look at our individual study programs.


What does the RPTU in Kaiserslautern offer?

  • Very good supervision with close contact to fellow students and lecturers

  • Extensive, individual options in the study program

  • Future-oriented studies at the highest level

  • Top laboratories and experimental halls

  • Plenty of room for constructive and planning creativity

  • Exciting topics such as sustainability and building materials of the future

  • Campus university close to nature and affordable housing

Studying in Kaiserslautern

AStA summer festival, CampusKino (CampusCinema), mountain bike rental, Secret Tours through the Palatinate Forest. You won't get bored here!



The City of Kaiserslautern

What our students say

"I like to study in Kaiserslautern because the university has a lively and green campus that offers many opportunities to balance out everyday university life. In the master's programme, I like the fact that you can choose exactly the specialisation that interests you and supplement it with suitable and interesting elective subject. The lecturers and staff help you quickly with questions and due to the small number of students, you have good support throughout your studies."

Nadine Spies, student of the master programme Infrastructure Water and Mobility




“What I particularly like about my job is the colourful bouquet of tasks in building operations. Whether it's service management, maintenance management, conversion projects, budget planning or lease issues - the focus and challenges change every day.
Thanks to its broad range of topics, the IFMT degree programme enables students to orient themselves in many different directions in their professional lives. In addition, the programme offers a familiar environment and close contact with the lecturers. And the proximity to the Palatinate Forest offers many activities for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Franziska Müller, graduate of the IFMT master programme, PwC GmbH WPG, Deputy Site Manager Southern Region, Infrastructure Service Coordinator Environment

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What our professors say

"Construction is a very versatile discipline that has all human and public requirements for buildings in view. Civil engineers are responsible for everything from construction, statics, sound and heat insulation to the sustainable use of resources and coordinate the interaction of the individual trades on the construction site. As problem solvers, they keep an eye on the big picture, recognise challenges, find answers and put them into practice.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Glock

"Against the backdrop of advancing climate change, there is an increasing focus on optimising the energy performance of buildings, while at the same time ensuring the thermal comfort of the occupants. One of the important questions we are investigating is how buildings can be sustainably adapted to climate change and at the same time reduce their CO2 emissions. It is important to take into account that external climate, building envelope, building services and indoor climate have a dynamic influence on each other.”

apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Svenja Carrigan


"The focus is on people with their needs, together with the challenges society as a whole is facing. For example, in teaching and research, we deal with questions relating to transport infrastructure that is compatible with cities and conserves resources. How much mobility is needed? How much space do we give to which means of transport?"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilko Manz

"Real estate has to function for decades and longer, technically, economically and ecologically. Therefore today, the operation phase is already being considered at an early stage. Existing buildings also have to be redeveloped again and again. As a technical university, we are ideally positioned for construction, operation and project development, also in cooperation with other departments such as computer science. This creates innovations and highly sought-after, responsible young professionals for the construction and real estate industries."

Prof. Dr. Björn-Martin Kurzrock

What funding opportunities are available?


To ensure that promising talents do not fail due to lack of money, the RPTU awards Deutschlandstipendien. Gifted and committed first-year students as well as students of higher semesters are supported with 300 Euro per month.



Governmental support through BAföG

This financial support can be applied for if the studies cannot be financed by the student's own means or by parents, spouse or partner.

 More Information about BAföG


A great opportunity to earn some extra money, learn something and network at the same time. By working on current projects, students gain insights into research and get practical experience in their field of study.

Hiwi jobs

Excursions and Projects

The daily university life of our students does not only take place in the lecture hall. They also gain experience on the construction site, at the project partner’s or abroad. Our excursions, projects and events offer variety and give students an insight into the many different areas of work in the construction industry. Impressions

Sports offered by the RPTU in Kaiserslautern

Mountain biking, soccer, swimming, tennis, dancing, fitness training, trail running. In the hall or outdoors, on the field or in the Palatinate Forest - the range of sports offered by the RPTU is unbeatable.

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