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Civil engineering has been represented at today's Technical University of Kaiserslautern since 1979 and has been an independent department since February 1st, 2011.


In addition to the subjects of civil engineering and real estate and facilities – management and technology, the department also offers the partial courses in civil engineering and wood technology for teaching at vocational schools as well as the further education in fire protection planning. The department is supported in teaching and research by 15 full-time professors and junior professors. The excellent mentoring relationship that our almost 1,000 students find in Kaiserslautern is regularly confirmed by top positions in university rankings.

The broad orientation of the department is also reflected in its research activities. Numerous research projects are carried out in our 15 specialist areas, which are supported by various international and national funding channels.

We maintain partnerships with universities in other European and non-European countries, including Polytechnika Gdanska, Poland and Fuzhou University, PR China.


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