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14th ERES Education Seminar

Real Estate Professionals of Tomorrow

The European Real Estate Society (ERES) welcomes you to the 14th ERES Education Seminar in Kaiserslautern, Germany, from 30th November to 1st December 2018 – hosted by Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK).

This year’s seminar is on Real Estate Professionals of Tomorrow. One track focusses on Responsibility and a second on Technology Skills. Both represent complementary skills which are more and more demanded from (and demanding for) Real Estate Professionals. On the first day, there will be an impulse presentation followed by the presentations of the participants and a subsequent workshop session in each track. On the second day, the workshop findings will be consolidated and conclusions for educating Real Estate Professionals of Tomorrow be drawn.

You may also register without holding a presentation.

The seminar will start on Friday at 10.00 AM and end on Saturday at 5.00 PM.  

Key Dates

02nd July 2018             Registration will be opened  
15th Oct. 2018             Deadline for submitting proposals for presentation in the seminar  
31st Oct. 2018             Response to proposals
18th Nov. 2018             Deadline for participant registration

Please find more details and register on the left-hand side menu of this website.

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