Immobilien und Facilities - Management und Technik

Information about M.Sc. IFMT

  • Up to now, the master programme at TUK is the only university master programme in facility management in Germany.

  • The course of studies has a standard duration of 4  terms, including a term abroad during the 3rd term (regularly at a foreign university, in cooperation with an international company or research institution).

  • The programme includes courses from the fields of civil engineering as well as economics in order to deepen the technical and economic interrelationships.

  • The programme enables students to work scientifically and develops leadership skills.

  • Scope: 16 modules including a master thesis with a total of 120 credit points

  • Start of studies: winter term
  • Please note that the language of instruction is German!

Module overview

Here you find an overview of the master curriculum in facility management. It includes the modules of the respective terms.


Is the FM master's programme the right course for me?

You have already gained a broad range of specialist knowledge in the Bachelor's programme. The Master's programme deepens technical and economic contexts and teaches leadership skills. If you are undecided as to whether the FM Master's programme is the right one for you, please arrange a personal appointment with our student advisor. Here all your questions can be answered individually and further concrete tips for your career path can be given.

What are the admission requirements for the Master's programme?

The following admission requirements must be fulfilled for the Master's programme FM:

  • Proof of a higher education entrance qualification 
  • Bachelor of Science degree in FM at TUK or
  • comparable course of studies (e.g. civil engineering, architecture, real estate industry, etc.) of at least 180 credit points. The comparability of your degree will be examined by the admissions committee according to certain criteria (Appendix 2 of the current Master Examination Regulations). If necessary, you may be required to complete certain subjects in order to commerce your studies.
  • An FM-related internship of at least 12 weeks. If you have not yet completed such an internship, you can complete it by the 4th semester of your Master’s programme. Further information can be found at General Application Information.


How do I apply for the Master's programme FM?

All information about the application process can be found at General Application Information. If you have any further questions please connect our Student Service Centre. The team at SSC will be happy to assist you.

The time you apply for a German-language study programme, you need at least German language skills at the level B-1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In order to start your studies and complete them successfully, you need a higher-level German language examination, e.g. the DSH examination with the result DSH-2 or DSH-3. You can take the DSH examination at TUK before the term starts. If your German skills are not yet sufficient for this examination, you can attend a DSH preparation course as a matriculated student at the TUK. Further information can be found at General Application Information.

Does the IFMT Master’s programme schedules a term abroad?
Yes, the Master programme FM schedules an integrated term abroad during the 3rd term. To complete the module “Term Abroad”, you can choose between a study stay at a foreign university or a research stay at a foreign research institution/university.
If you are unable to go abroad due to childcare, nursing care, illness or visa, you must submit a reasoned application to the examination board. If your application is approved, you have to attend English-language courses from your place of residence or study. Further information can also be found in the module description broad.
The following contact persons will be happy to assist you in planning your term abroad:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Pahn - ERASMUS member of the Civil Engineering Department 

Jonathan Rothenbusch, M. Sc. - Student Advisor Real Estate and Facilities - Management and Technolgy

International Office (ISGS)

Further useful information can be found at Outgoing Exchange.

What elective courses can be chosen?
The department of civil engineering keeps a catalogue of elective courses. This catalogue contains a selection of courses from the TUK’s range that are recognised as elective courses. Further courses can be approved upon application. Applications are decided by the department council at the beginning of each term and must be submitted up to 14 days before the start of lectures (contact person is Annette Reincke).
In addition, you can find essential information about the elective courses in the catalogue (e.g. number of credit points, etc.)
Note: Additional credit points earned within the module “Term Abroad” can also be submitted as an elective course after consultation with the departmental student advisory service.
Can I include language courses as an elective course?
Language courses cannot be included as elective courses in the Masterprogramme FM.

Prerequisite for registration
To register your master thesis students need to prove that they completed an internship with FM reference of at least 12 weeks (§13 Abs. 3 Examination Regulation).

How and where do I register my Master thesis?
You discuss the topic of the Master thesis with the respective professor of the subject area you´ve chosen to write your thesis. Once topic and supervisor have been determined, you can register your thesis at the examination office. The respective registration form needs to be returned to the examination office within 14 days. Then the examination office will calculate the deadline for submitting your bachelor thesis.

How and where do I submit my Master’s thesis?
The Master’s thesis must be submitted to the examination office in triplicate (printed and bound) and in suitable electronic form within the deadline (supervision period 5 months). The examination office will forward the master’s thesis to the respective supervisor.

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