Immobilien und Facilities - Management und Technik

Information about B.Sc. IFMT

  • RPTU offers the only university degree programme in facility management in Germany, that can be combined with a consecutive masters programme.

  • Study programme strives after interdisciplinary abilities for real estate management and facility management.

  • Study programme involves a wide range of courses in the fields of civil engineering, real estate industry, real estate law and industrial engineering.

  • Buildings and facilities are considered throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Study programme conforms to the curriculum recommendations of the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA Guideline 610).

  • Extent of programme: 24 modules including Bachelor's thesis with total extent of 180 credits.
  • Start of study: winter term

  • Period of study: 6 terms including 10 weeks of mandatory internship

Please note that the language of instruction is German!

Module overview

Here you will find the module manual of the bachelor degree programme in facility management. It includes the modules of the respective terms.


IS FM the right programme for me?

To gain an overview of the various areas in facility management, please browse our website that provides a lof of information about the programme itself and your career after graduation. For further information please arrange a personal appointment with your student advisor. Here, all your questions can be answered individually.


Please note: The language of instruction in German. To successfully complete your studies, you will need a DSH examination with the overall result DSH-2 or DSH-3. For further information, please check: 

What are the admission requirements for the bachelor programme?

The bachelor programme facility management is admission free. General prerequisites for admission is a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or previous education recognised as equivalent. For further information, please check information here: General Application Information.

How can I best prepare for my exams?

Students should not only rely on the script for exam preparation, but should also take the references mentioned during lectures into account. Furthermore, constant participation in the courses of study programme usually leads to a better performance.

If relevant literature is not available, please contact your respective lecturer.

What elective courses can be chosen?

The department of civil engineering keeps a catalogue of elective courses. This catalogue contains a selection of courses from the TUK's range that are recognised as elective courses. Further courses can be approved upon application. Applications are decided by the department council at the beginning of each term and must be submitted up to 14 days before the start of lectures (contact person is Annette Reincke). In addition, you can find essential information about the elective courses in the catalogue (e.g. number of credit points, etc.).

Prerequisite for registration?

To register your bachelor thesis you need at least 110 credit points.

How and where do I register for my Bachelor examination?

You discuss the topic of the Bachelor's thesis with the professor of the subject area you've chosen to write your thesis. Once topic and supervisor have been determined, you can register your thesis at the examination office. The respective registration form needs to be returned to the examination office within 14 days. Then the examination office will calculate the deadline for submitting your bachelor thesis.

How and where do I submit my Bachelor thesis?

The Bachelor thesis must be submitted to the examination office on time in triplicate (printed and bound) and in suitable election form. The examination office then forwards the Bachelor thesis to the respective supervisor.

Is there also a Master's programme offered at TUK?

Since the winter term 2015/16, the consecutive Master's programme Facility Management has been offered. Detailed information can be found here.

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