Structural Analysis and Dynamics

Earthquake Engineering

Research Topics:

  • Seismic design and vulnerability analysis, risk-based assumed load, Site Response Analysis, spectrum-compatible artificial earthquake time histories
  • Innovative methods for design of structures for earthquake resistance (systems engineering and civil engineering) seismic basis isolation
  • Dynamic interaction between structure and ground (ground-structure interaction) (SSI), pile foundations with pile-soil-pile interaction
  • Experimental studies (dynamic component tests, vibration table test, systems engingeering)

The new earthquake risk investigation SHARE and its impact on germany
(bachelor thesis by Anna Zwirner)

It is SHARE's main goal to develop a sustainable and community based risk model on the basis of numerous experts' knowledge. Through technological advancement and progressive finfings a comparison between current standards and SHARE is indispensile.

In comparison to DIN EN 1998-1, SHARE displays a significantly larger earthquake risk for every zone of Eurocode 8.

The danger SHARE predicts for germany was previously unknown. A new definition for earthquake risks in germany is required. If the results of SHARE find their way into the current standard, there would be consequences for germany.

Pushover Analysis (bachelor thesis by Daniel Boje)

Pushover analysis does not work with complex dynamic actions. They are substituted by equivalent static horizontal loads, which are continuosly enhanced and simulate a deviation of the building until it breaks. The results allow for a better judgement of a buildings capacity compared to the strain caused by an earthquake.

Studies on diverse dynamic timeline calculation methods with Sofistik (bachelor thesis by Stephan Haugwitz)

By utilizing Sofistik cut sizes, acceleration and displacements can be calculated from a dynamic action. The output of intrinsic values and calibration of different attenuations is also possible. Resulting values can be viewed in the Result Viewer as well as WinGraf.

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