Fachgebiet Statik / Dynamik

Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

0. Basic English for Civil Engineers


1. Introduction to Structural Dynamics


2. Fundamentals
  2.1 Dynamic Degrees of Freedom
  2.2 Vibration/Oscillation | Schwingung
  2.3 Mass
  2.4 Force-Displacement Relation (Stiffness)
  2.5 Damping
  2.6 Direct Equilibration Using d'Alembert's Principle


3. Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems (SDOF) 
  3.1 Modelling/Idealization
  3.2 Equation of Motion
  3.3 Support Excitation

4. Free Vibration

  4.1 Free undamped vibration
  4.2 Viscously damped free vibration
  4.3 Critically damped systems
  4.4 Overdamped Systems
  4.5 Underdamped Systems
  4.6 Practical Applications


5. Forced Vibration

  5.1 Harmonic vibration of undamped systems
  5.2 Harmonic vibration with viscous damping


6. Introduction into Earthquake Engineering


7. Typical earthquake damage patterns and failure modes


8. Response Spectrum Concept

- The Tohoku Earthquake


9. Seismic-Resistant Design


10. Eurocode 8


Special Topics:

-Aircraft Impact and Crash Analysis and Testing
-Base Isolation: Structures and mechanical Components
-Seismic Design of Bridges
-Seismic Analysis of Dams
-Human Induced Vibrations
-Impact Loads, Explosion and Blast
-Machinery-Induced Vibrations
-Seismic Design of Tanks and Fluid Containers
-Traffic Induced Vibrations

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