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EnEff:Stadt: ModEMS4Q - Development of modernization concepts for existing residential quarters based on a cross-building energy management system for the optimized integration of renewable energies

Project descriptionIn the research project ModEMS4Q, modernization concepts for existing residential quarters based on a cross-building energy management system (EMS) for optimized integration of renewable energy (RE) will be investigated. A predictive cross-building EMS serves to better integrate PV and new loads such as e-cars and heat pumps. Thus, it is essential for system integration for heat and power provision within neighborhoods. To achieve this, existing neighborhoods must be comprehensively upgraded in terms of energy efficiency. The basic concept for modernization in ModEMS4Q envisages equipping neighborhoods with a heat pump system (centralized or decentralized), always in conjunction with PV systems and a cross-building EMS. By means of the EMS, the RE consumption in the neighborhood is to be optimized through supply-dependent control of heat generation or electricity use and integration of storage systems. Depending on the energy balance status of the buildings, special modernization measures are required. Within the scope of the project, a required energy standard will be defined and corresponding measures will be identified. Relevant results from past research projects and existing neighborhood concepts will be used. An economically viable operating concept will be developed during the project period with practical partners (property owners, utility companies, PV specialist planners, heat pump manufacturers, energy agency). Comprehensive life cycle analyses (LCC analyses) will be carried out for the modernization concepts. Existing and new financing models of the federal government, states and municipalities will be explicitly taken into account. The implementation of the developed modernization concepts is to be validated on the basis of four existing residential quarters in cooperation with the practice partners. After a successful concept phase, the implementation of the developed concept in at least one neighborhood is envisaged as a follow-up project.

Funding period

01.06.2021 bis 30.06.2023


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)

Research partners

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern:

Prof. Dr. Björn-Martin Kurzrock, Dennis Aldenhoff, M.Sc. (Fachgebiet Immobilienökonomie)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Hoffmann, Daniel Schmidt, M. Eng., Katharina Boudier, M. Eng., Stefan Spies (Fachgebiet Gebäudesysteme und Gebäudetechnik)

Prof. Dr. Ping Zhang (Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungstechnik)

Prof. Dr. Steven Liu (Lehrstuhl für Regelungsysteme)

Project partners

Real estate companies

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