Concrete Structures and Structural Design

Experimental Equipment

Equipment of the large test hall

  • Thermal conductivity measuring instrument according to the method with heat flow meter for determining the thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance of building, insulation and other materials.
  • Clamping field: Dimensions 10 x 15 m, clamping grid: 1 x 1 m, max. load per clamping point in each direction 1,000 kN,
  • three test frames for loads up to max. 4,000 kN,
  • different abutments and numerous supports for individual test setups,
  • various servo-hydraulic test cylinders for static and dynamic loads from 100 to 2,500 kN,
  • various hydraulic presses for static loads from 50 to 1,500 k,
  • three stationary hydraulic power packs with 80, 165 and 300 l oil/min, available on all test benches
  • mobile hydraulic pumps for electric, pneumatic and manual operation,
  • a four-column testing machine for loads up to 4,000 kN in compression and 1,000 kN in tension,
  • a four-column testing machine for static and dynamic loads up to 600 kN,
  • a two-column testing machine for loads up to 250 kN,
  • various testing machines for the determination of hardened concrete properties (shared use with the Materials Testing Office),
  • Corrosion test chamber for Kesternichtests according to DIN 50018,
  • Heatbox for experiments up to 120°C, internal dimensions 2.00 x 1.90 x 1.00 m, six temperature sensors with data logger,
  • Climate chamber for experiments between -30°C and +30°C, internal dimensions 2.50 x 1.90 x 2.00 m, six temperature sensors with data logger,
  • Tearing frame for concrete slabs, max. load 2,000 kN, max. dimensions of the slabs 2.20 x 0.92 x 0.40 m,
  • extensive modern measurement technology and software,
  • non-contact measurement technology: photogrammetry, strain and deformation measurement, high-speed camera, 3D scanner,
  • modern photographic equipment for the documentation of experiments
  • Endoscope for examination and documentation of crack development in joints,
  • two bridge cranes above the span field for max. 12.5 t each,
  • a bridge crane over the gallery for max. 6 t,
  • Forklift truck for loads up to 3 t,
  • Mobile crane for loads up to 3 t,
  • well-equipped workplaces for metal processing and test preparation,
  • Welding equipment for MIG/MAG, TIG and shear stud welding.

Equipment of the concrete hall

  • Eirich intensive mixer with vacuum pump, 75L mixing volume,
  • two concreting platforms for the production of test specimens with a length of up to 8.40 m   
  • Compulsory mixer for max. 550 l concrete,   
  • one bridge crane for max. 6 t,  
  • various internal and external vibrators,  
  • Fraction boxes for different aggregate groups.

Equipment of the kiln hall:

  • Combi-band furnace with 4mx3mx3m firing chamber, 
  • Small kiln with 2mx0,6mx0,4m firing chamber


  • Production of test specimens made of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel as well as composite structures,
  • Planning and execution of individual component tests within the scope of research, development and teaching,
  • Component tests and expert opinions within the scope of approval procedures and product developments,
  • Load tests and assessment of components on site,
  • Determination of material characteristics of different building materials,
  • Development of FE-models for the analysis of components.
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