Concrete Structures and Structural Design

Concrete Structures and Structural Design

We teach and research ...

... in lectures, exercises and practical seminars, in large research networks and small partial solutions

... from theoretical basics to practical design approaches and products to visionary approaches in the course of digital transformation

... from structural engineering and reinforced concrete construction to prestressed concrete, masonry and bridge construction to prefabricated construction and IT in civil engineering

... in halls and laboratories with extensive and ultra-modern experimental equipment, with large testing machines or hot furnance



We test and develop ...

... in the fields of anchoring, structures & energy, dimensioning, high-performance and recycled concrete, existing buildings as well as digitisation and industry 4.0

... in projects of national and European scope with public funds and directly for construction practice

... visionary, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the industry or scientific monitoring of new products up to building authority approvals.


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